Nienke Elenbaas


Nienke ElenbaasAfter 20 years of working commissioned for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, AMC, FrieslandCampina, Julius Center UMCU and the Government, I exhibited my first real series in October 2022. “Crimson Glory / Under My Skin” is a personal series inspired by the camp past of my father and grandparents in the former Dutch East Indies.

What stands out in the trilogy is the color red, Crimson Glory, as the basis for war, danger, determination, desire and love. The 8 images show the resilience, strength and love despite the violence and oppression endured during the war. Some photos are made with an extra layer as a metaphor for always carrying these hardships under the skin, invisible to the outside world. The interaction with the team also contributes to the emergence of a vulnerable image.